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Just a few cute pictures of my bunnies living in their new homes! (If you have purchased a bunny, I love getting pictures!!)




Sold as a pet to a great family




Holland Lop

Now being spoiled as a pet!




 Californian buck

 Sold as breeding buck






 1 Buck and 2 does sold for breeding






 Californian Doe

Fluffy sold as a pet to a sweet little girl and her family!





 Mini Lop buck - Gold Tipped Steel

Sold to a 4-Her for a pet and show bunny




Fuzzy lop doe

Saved from the meat truck at a show I went to, this old girl has found a forever home with a young girl :)




Mini Lop doe Willow 

Gold Tipped steel

Born 5-8-11. Zoey and Rico are her parents! Sold as a pet, she will have a great home





 Willow in her new home!








 Mini Lop Doe

Born 5-8-11 to Zoey and Rico

Sold as a 4-H show bunny and brood doe. Great new home!!






Mini Lop doe born 5-8-11

Sold for show and brood





 Sold to different homes, I just loved this picture of the siblings. Fully pedigreed babies of Monica and Rico. The little black doe sold as a potential show and brood doe, and the black and white buck sold to be a spoiled little pet:) Amazing new homes found for these guys.








These guys were out of Whisper's Twister T31 x Whisper's Lily V51. Went to the Allegan County fair 2011 as meat pens!







This cute little guy is in a forever home :)







Rosie in her new home:)