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If you have purchased a rabbit from me-wheather it be a pet, show, or meat rabbit- I would love to here back from you. I would love to hear how your rabbit has done in shows, or how their babies have done! I would also like to here from people who are just browsing my website :D

Thanks! I really appreciate it,


Quotes Just thought I would let you know how the buck you sold us is doing. He won 1st in breed class and took second for over all. He is just a little narrow in hind quarters just like you said she we looked at him. Other wise the judge said he is perfect. Again thanks for everything and looking forward to purchasing a doe or two this fall. Quotes
Satisfied buyer
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Quotes Thanks again for the awesome visit! You have a wealth of knowledge. Your passion and care for bunnies is immediately evident. We are sincerely grateful for your time and look forward to owning bunnies. Quotes
Mike, Heather & Alex

Quotes Thanks for letting my family visit your rabbitry! We had a lot of fun and are very interested in breeding our own Californians now. Thanks for all your tips! Quotes
Thanks for letting us visit!

Quotes Thanks for the great little bunny you sold us! He is a great pet :) Quotes
Satisfied buyer