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About my rabbitry

  1. Do I give discounts?

    I do give discounts when you purchase multiple rabbits. The more rabbits you buy, the more discount I will give :) I will also give discounts to fellow 4-Hers!

  2. Do I show my rabbits?

    Yes, I show as much as I possibly can over the year. I usually attend 5-6 shows yearly. I also show pigs and horses throught the year!

  3. Do I bring rabbits to shows to sell?

    I sometimes do bring rabbits to shows to sell, usually young ones that show promise in their future. Though mostly I will only bring rabbits to sell if an arangment has already been made. I will glady "drop off" rabbits at a show I am going to if you are interested.

  4. Do I rent out my bucks?

    I occasionally let other breeders use certain bucks for a breeding fee such as: A money fee, pick of the litter, etc. Please contact me for more information. ** I require that the doe be brought to my rabbitry to be bred.**

  5. Do I breed all year long?

    Yes, I breed during summer, spring, fall, and winter. Today's technology allows me to do this. (Fans in the summer, heat lamps in the winter)

  6. How many rabbits do I have

    I am continuously selling rabbits throught the year, so I don't always have a specific number of rabbits. I do, however, keep my herd to under 20 rabbits in the barn. This method allows me to breed for quality, rather than quantity.

  7. Why do you breed Californians for meat?

    I understand how many people feel about breeding rabbits for meat, but rabbit meat is one of the healthiest meats avaliable. In fact, rabbit meat has a lower at content than almost all other meat animals. It also has a lower cholesterol and calorie content!

  8. About my rabbits

    1. My rabbits are handled from birth, which makes them have very promising personalities. I spend a lot of time petting and playing with my bunnies every single day to make them child-friendly.

    2. I take pictures of my rabbits-though it is time consuming, many customers enjoy watching kits growing up until the day when they can come pick them up!

    3. All our rabbits sold (excluding pets) come with 3 generation pedigrees. I do not write pedigrees for pets, as these are rabbits that don't meet my show standards, though still amazingly sweet rabbits. (I care for my rabbits that are sold as pets just as much as my rabbits that are sold as show quality) Instead, I came up with a birth certificate, so you still get to take home a 'paper' with your new bunny. :)

    4. When you purchase a rabbit from me, I am always open if you have any questions or concerns about your rabbits.

    5. I wait until kits are 7 to 8 weeks old before I wean them off their mothers-this gives them plenty of time to develop as they need their mothers milk. Do not buy kits that are under 8 weeks of age! If you buy a rabbit that is less than 8 weeks old, it may be more likely to develop sicknesses and diseases.

    6. All of our bunnies are groomed regulary. I give each and every bunny lots of attention!

    7. When you purchase a rabbit, you also go home with a bag of food, some hay, a simple care sheet, a toy or treat, and either a pedigree or a birth certificate!

    8. My rabbitry is kept clean, and all trays are dumped DAILY. Cages are disinfected on a regular basis.

    9. My rabbits are kept separately in 24 by 24 inch cages, by the time they are 12 weeks old.

    10. All of my rabbits have unlimited fresh water, and are given pellets and hay every day.

    11. I am very picky about buying quality pedigreed rabbits, only the best come to my rabbitry to show and breed.

    12. Many of my rabbits produce even better than themselves when paired wtih the right buck/doe.

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4-H commonly asked showmanship questions you should know!

  1. What does ARBA stand for?

    American Rabbit Breeders Association

  2. How many ARBA regonized breeds are there?


  3. How many teeth does a rabbit have?


  4. How many toenails does a rabbit have?

    18 total. (5 on each front foot, and 4 on each back)

  5. At what age is a rabbit considered a senior?

    A rabbit that is 6 months or older, or exedes the senior weight for that breed

  6. What are some examples of rabbit diseases?

    Ear canker, Sore hocks, Mange (fur mites)

  7. What is a male rabbit called?

    A buck

  8. What is a female rabbit called?

    A doe

  9. What is a newborn baby rabbit called.

    A kit

  10. What are a few ways to conrtol disease in a rabbitry?

    Keep food and water containers clean, and do not lend rabbits out of the rabbitry.

  11. What does REW stand?

    Red eyed white or Ruby eyed white

  12. Breeds of rabbit with upright fur

    *Rex, mini rex, silver fox

  13. What breed of rabbit originated in china?

    The Himalayan

  14. What is a junior rabbit?

    A rabbit under 6 months old

  15. Whatt is Mastitis?

    It is an infectionous inflamation of mammary glands

  16. What is a butterfly?

    It is a nose marking on some breeds and broken varieties.

  17. What is Luster?

    It is the brightness or brilliance of fur.

  18. What are some examples of DQ's

    *Ear mites

    *Sore Hocks



    *Does carrying young

  19. What percentage of rabbit meat is usable?

    93% of a butchered rabbit (including bones and other)

  20. What breed has transparent hairs?

    The Satin

  21. Name 2 pointed rabbit breeds

    Californian and Himalayn

  22. When do kits open their keyes?

    About 7 to 10 days?

  23. What is the difference between DQ's and Faults?

    DQ's can not normally be fixed, a fault can not.

  24. What parts of a rabbit make up the hindquarters?

    The hips, loin, and rump

  25. Where are a rabbits sweat glands located?

    Underside of its front paws

  26. Is rabbit meat dark, white, or both?


  27. What is a rabbits gestation period?

    28-34 days

  28. Name a breed of rabbit thats fur is used to make yarn.

    *Angora, English Angora

  29. 4 Types of rabbit fur

    Normal, Rex, Satin, and Wool

  30. What is the left ear of a rabbit used for?


  31. What is the right ear of a rabbit used for?


  32. How much do you feed a rabbit?

    10 ounces of food per 1 pound of rabbit

  33. How many eyelids does a rabbit have?

    3 (upper, lower, and inner)

  34. What degree vision does a rabbit have?

    360 degree vision!

  35. Food Ration (pound to feed)

    4 pounds of feed to gain 1 pound of rabbit

  36. How many ribs does a rabbit have?


  37. How many breeds of lops are there?

    5; French, English, Mini, Fuzzy, and Holland lops!

  38. How does a rabbit regulate their temperature?

    Through its ears

  39. Kits double their weight in how many days?

    only 6!

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