Whisper's Rabbitry

Raising Quality Show Rabbits


    *LAST UPDATED: April 25th, 2017*

As of August 2016, my rabbitry will be reduced to just a very small number of show quality mini lops and Californians. I will have a very small, select number available for sale.






Youth member of the ARBA, MSRBA, and 4-H

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Location: Allegan Michigan 49010

Contact: wrabbitry@yahoo.com

My name is Mackenzie, and I own and manage Whisper's Rabbitry. I am a youth breeder, and I started through 4-H raising and show a select number of quality Miniature Lops and Californians. I have a small, quality-before-quantity rabbitry, with all purebred, pedigreed rabbits. My kits are handled from the day they are hopping around their cage, and are very socialized.

I take pride in my quality rabbits! I will never knowingly sell ill/aggressive rabbits.

Besides showing rabbits, I show horses and pigs competitively.  

I would like to thank Sheree White of Wolfsong Rabbitry for helping me learn to show rabbits and supplying me with my first breeding pair! Thanks to Sue West who also helped me start with the right rabbits for my rabbitry.

Please keep looking through my site, there is a ton of information on my rabbits, as well as information on how to care for you rabbits, and other helpful tips! 

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