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**I will be taking a break from Californians as of August 2015 as I attend college** 

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 I have a litter of 6 seven week old californians available.  All out of champion lines and will make great herd/show/4-H rabbits. Please contact me if interested!

Out of DMC Minnie (Out of Whisper's lines) and Howe's Mickey. Howe's Mickey placed BOB/BOV at the State 4-H fair. A full sister of DMC Minnie took BOB at an 2016 ARBA show, as well as BIS at Berrien County Fair.  


Californian Standard of perfection

General Type.............................65








Feet & Legs............................2



Showroom classes & weights

Senior Bucks-8 months of age and over, weight 8 to 10 pounds. Ideal weight is 9 pounds

Senior Does-8 months of age and over, weight 8 1/2 to 10 1/2 pounds. Ideal weight is 9 1/2 pounds

Intermediate Bucks-under 8 months of age, not over 9 pounds

Intermediate Does-under 8 months of age, not over 9 1/2 pounds

Junior Bucks-Under 6 months of age, not over 8 pounds. Minimum weight 5 1/2 pounds

Junior Does-under 6 months of age, not over 8 1/2 pounds. Minimum weight 5 1/2 pounds

Pre-Junior bucks and does-Under 3 months of age. not over 5 1/2 pounds

NOTES: Pre-juniors are not to count in show display. Juniors and Intermediates which exceed maximum weight limits may be shown in higher age classifications. No animal may be shown in a lower age classification than its tru age.

General Type

Body-Points 58: The body will be of medium lenght, depth of body to approsimately equal width. It shall have good depth of hindquarters and well developed shoulders, with the shoulders being slightly lower and narrower than the hips, forming a slight taper. The back is to rise gradually from the nape of the neck to the high point over the hips. To be plump and firm of flesh.Faults:Racy, mandolin, or any type  away from a plump, firm, meaty, body. Cut severely for shoulders wider than hips;long, narrow head; extra long neck; flatness over back, especially over hips; rough, bony, protruding hips.

Hindquarters-Points 22: Hindquarters are to be broad, deep, smooth, and well rounded, with well filled firm flesh. lower and back sides are to be well filled. Hindquarters are to be slightly wider and deeper than shoulders, with enough depth and width to indicate roundness when viewed from any direction. The loin is to be broad and deep, with enough width to blend the hindquarters and midsection. Faults: narrow; flat; pinched; undercut; chopped, bony rump; weak loin; protruding hip bones; rough over spine

Midsection-Points 19: Rib section to gradually rise from front to hips. It is to be broad and deep enough to balance with shoulders and hips. midsection is to be well rounded, with as much firm fless as possible down the sides. Faults: Narrow; flat; rough; not well filled

Shoulders-Points 17: Shoulders are to be well developed, with firm flesh. They are to have good depth and width. Shoulders are to be slightly lower and narrower than the hips. They are to rise from the front of the neck with a smooth taper towards the high point. Faults: Too narrow or too wide to balance with hindquarters; Excessive fat or loose, flabby flesh over shoulders.

Head-Points 3: The head is to be well shaped and medium full. It is to be carried erect on a short neck and set close to the body. Buck heads are to be a little fuller than does.Faults: Long, slim head; pinched nose

Ears-Points 2: Length is to be in proportion to the size of the body. THey are to be well set on the head, strong at base, and carried in a straight, upright position. Faults: Heavy; open; spoon shaped; weak ear base.

Eyes-Points 0: To be bright and bold

Feet and Legs- Points 2: Bone is to be medium in size, with rather short legs preffered. toenails should be as dark as possible. Light colored nails, showing pigmentation, must match on that foot and the corresponding foot. Faults: Long or heavy bone.

Tail-Points 0: The tail is to be straiht and carried erect. Length and size is to be in proportion to the body.

Color and Markings- Points 5: Californians are to have a colored nose, ears, feet, and tail. Color is to be as near black as possible. Eye stains or colored spots confined to the dewlap are permissible. Body color is to be pure white. Eyes-Pink. Faults: any other color

Disqualifications from Competition-Any color or smut on the usable portion of the pelt. Color above the elbow joint of the frong leg. Color on the rear legs is not to extend more than 2 inches above the hock joint, with the fur in its normal position. Complete absence of color on nose, ears, feet, or tail. Definite clean white spots in colored markings. Any Tan Pattern marking appearing in a Californian marking.

Condition-Points 10: Per ARBA definition.

Copyright 2011 ARBA Standard of Perfection Rabbits & Cavies 2011-2015

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Though our rabbitry is small, I prefer it be that way. With a small rabbitry,  I strive for quality rather than quantity. :D

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